Our Services
We offer numerous consulting services to help manage your Biomed or Clinical Engineering Department
Our Services
We offer a wide range of consulting services to develop your HTM, biomedical or clinical engineering departments to operate as an efficient and effective part of your healthcare team.
  1. Regulatory Compliance
    Is your Biomed or Clinical Engineering department compliant with the latest Joint Commission or DNV regulations? * Do they have an Alternative Equipment Maintenance (AEM) strategy in place? * Does your hospital have a policy and plan in place for Relocateable Power Taps (RPTs) per The Joint Commission and CMS?
  2. Benchmarking
    What Benchmarks is your Biomed or Clinical Engineering department using? * Financial * Staffing * Customer Satisfaction * Turnaround time * Employee Retention
  3. Cost Analysis
    What financial measurement is your Biomed or Clinical Engineering department using to show fiscal responsibility? Cost of Service Ratio (COSR) is the metric you should be using to benchmark your department to the CFO and to other Biomed or Clinical Engineering departments.
  4. Staffing Analysis
    Do you have the right number of Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMETs) on your staff? Do you have a high ratio of service contracts that could be brought in-house?
  5. Equipment Assessment
    What reports are you providing to the c-suite to determine the right mix of equipment replacement per year? You should be meeting frequently with the CFO and CNO on equipment assessment and equipment replacement strategy.
  6. Contract Analysis
    Thorough contract analysis utilizing a network of experts in imaging, OR, lab and biomed. * Terms & conditions * 1st call support options * Transitioning to in-house support * Training options * 5 year plan
  7. Budget Design and Analysis
    Having difficulty meeting budget? What is your ratios of salaries & benefits, parts, time & material, contracts, scope repair and training to total budget?
  8. Strategic Planning
    Do you have a strategic plan you share with the c-suite? What is your strategic plan this fiscal year? What about the next year and the year after?
  9. Leadership Coaching
    Management level coaching is available to new or experienced managers in Biomed and Clinical Engineering. * Leadership coaching and development * Employee development * Return on Investment (ROI) training